Diagnostic Services

We take care of your vehicle


At Woody’s, our technicians are not only experienced and able to perform a full range of repairs and auto maintenance services, but they are also experts at auto diagnostic services. We utilize the most up-to-date, modern, advanced computer diagnostic technology and equipment.

Did your check engine light turn on?
Is your car making weird noises, is it, knocking, rattling or pinging?
Are there fluids leaking under your car?
Are you having transmission problems?
Regardless of the symptom or problem, Woody’s can help identify the cause and ensure the problem is dealt with properly.

Before you schedule your diagnostic appointment , we recommend that you take note of the symptoms you are experiencing and write them down. For example:
Describe the symptom in detail. If it’s a noise, describe what the noise sounds like. When does the noise occur?
When does the symptom happen? When you first start the car? When you’ve been running the car for awhile?
How long has it been happening?